What is Next-Gen CDR Solution

Our next-gen CDR solution is a best-in-class protection software that secures businesses from cyber-attacks and zero-day threats. Its real time innovative approach utilizes artificial intelligence to detect attacks currently evading existing technologies. Instead of relying on slow, costly and ineffective signature or behavior methods, next-gen CDR disarms all potentially malicious code before it enters your organization and disrupts workflow. Our next-gen CDR solution inspects every line of code to detect and remove threats in seconds, providing absolute security without compromising on productivity.

100% Detection Rate

Deep parsing scans every line of code and detects known, unknown and future threats by disarming all potentially malicious content.

Disarms Commonly Shared Files

Protects against threats found in wide range of file types used in day-to-day activities. Up to 75% of attacks originate from malicious content within MS Office, Adobe and Java files.

Promotes Productivity

Detection takes seconds, works in the background and delivers clean files in original format for undisturbed workflow.

Protects Weakest Link

An evasion free technique that eliminates the need for humans to interact with potentially malicious files. 

First In Class Features

Proprietary approach utilizes artificial intelligence for improved detection & seamless integration with popular applications.