In the last few weeks, New York state senators have proposed two bills to ban local municipalities and other government entities from using taxpayer money for paying ransomware demands.

The first bill (S7246) was proposed by Republican NY Senator Phil Boyle on January 14. The second bill (S7289) was introduced by Democrat NY Senator David Carlucci, two days later, on January 16.

Currently, both bills are under discussion and will need to move forward to a vote on Senate floor before passing into law.

Will Lack of Financial Incentive Lead to Decline in Attacks?

This legislation is being proposed with the idea that cybercriminals will be discouraged from attacking government entities in New York knowing that it will be illegal to receive any financial compensation.

However, the counter argument can be made that impacted government entities are now left with one less option, in a case of ransomware breach. To avoid from reaching this scenario, municipalities and other government bodies in New York will have to beef up their defenses.

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